Mastering & Duplication


Prepare Your Audio


The final step in the creative process before manufacturing; Mastering is the art and technique of preparing your music for replication.

Mastering allows the engineer to take control of the final mix and enhance the overall sound. Each song is maximized to its full potential, bringing the various pieces of your album together.  By applying corrective equalization, dynamic control, and creating consistency in volume‚Ä® and sound, this is the process that melds the whole sound together as a whole and professional end product. Once your songs have been mixed, the individual mixes of each song are compiled to create the production master for manufacturing. This is the process of mastering, where we apply the final touches to your work. We enhance your product to be competitive in fullness with other commercially released material. We also check for consistency and make sure your music translates properly to different listening environments, such as; little boom boxes to car stereos and home systems.


Custom Artwork, Packaging & Manufacturing ready for distribution.